Arrow Precision UK - Honda K20A Connecting Rod (Set of 4)

Arrow Precision UK - Honda K20A Connecting Rod (Set of 4)

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Arrow Precision Honda K20A Chromoly Connecting Rods
- Brand new in box, unused
- Set of (4) rods

Specs per Arrow Precision:

ARROW 200S (Honda K20A)

- Highest quality
- Double air re-melt steel
- Fully machined
- Uniform machine peening
- Balanced end to end within a gram
- 100% magnaflux tested
- Laser etched
- Fitted with ARP fasteners
- Supplied boxed into sets with ARP moly and full fitting instructions

Big End Diameter: 51.01 mm
G/Pin Diameter: 22 mm
Between Centres: 139.000 mm
Big End Width: 19.825 mm
Small End Width: 19.825 mm

Note: All engine parts are sold as is and WORK Wheels USA is not responsible for any form of damage caused as a result of the product's installation and usage. Please verify that these parts are correct for your vehicle's application before ordering. Engine parts for sale cannot be returned or exchanged
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