TODA Racing Exhaust Manifold (3SG SXE10 Altezza)

TODA Racing Exhaust Manifold (3SG SXE10 Altezza)

Item# 18100-XE1-001
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**12/17/14 - Item has sold. Discontinued, last model available.**

TODA Racing Exhaust Manifold (3SG SXE10 Altezza)

- Brand new in box, unused
- Please note that while this is for the SXE10 chassis, this exhaust manifold will work only with the 3SG (SXE10) Japan model engine

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Description per Toda Racing:

- For engine 3SG (SXE10)
- 45mm > 50mm > 55mm > Taper > 60mm (equal length 4-2-1 + Taper)
- Flow bench tested based upon vehicle testing
- Spring joint racing look
- Entire unit is welded, providing no exhaust leak throughout
- Stainless steel construction for strength and beauty
- High precision machined flange
- Can be mounted to original catalyst (Japan model ONLY, manual transmission only)

More photos of actual item:

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