WORK Emotion Center Cap (Low Type / Red Finish)

WORK Emotion Center Cap (Low Type / Red Finish)

Item# W120220

This is an optional centercap for the WORK Emotion series.

It fits the T7R, D9R, CR Kiwami/Ultimate, 11R, XD9, XT7, and discontinued XC8 / 11R-FT (5x114.3).

This cap will NOT fit the Emotion CR Kai.

Type: Low Type
Color: Red Finish (Glossy)

Sold as a single centercap (1 piece).

This center cap in red finish is a brand new addition for 2014.

Please note that you should always be mindful of axle nut clearance with center caps. Even with the low type cap, depending on the axle nut, it may not clear. If you are unsure, feel free to contact us for assistance.
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